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Frequently Asked Questions... 

Didn't find what you needed on our other pages?  Hopefully your question is answered below.  If not, feel free to email us at: 


Who is your meal service designed for?

Perfect question!  Our meal service is designed for busy families who don't have the time or desire to cook  Also, those families who are tired of all the costly and unhealthy eating out.  Finally, those families who wish to try some new foods, like tandoori chicken, while still enjoying staples such as meatloaf and twice baked potatoes.  Our chef designs the weekly meal plan based on seasonal produce, fresh ingredients, and sale items.  This allows our chef to make the meal plan affordable for local families but still provides wonderful homestyle meals, delivered to your home, for the utmost convenience and ease in feeding your family. 

How do you handle food allergies and special dietary needs?

Since food is prepared in a commercial kitchen, where nuts, soy, dairy and other allergens are processed regularly, we are not in a position to guarantee an allergen free environment.  We can, however, recommend a personal chef who will work with you to design a specific meal plan that accomplishes your needs AND goals and who will cook at your home.  

Can I pick and choose the food I want each week?

The meal package (3 meals and 1 dessert) is communicated on Tuesdays (via our Facebook page), prepared on Sunday and delivered Sunday evening.  At this time, our kitchen access is part time so meals, fresh bread and desserts are designed to be completed in the allowable time span we have access to the commercial kitchen.  

Do you offer catering or special occasion meals?

Not at this time, however, we'd be happy to recommend a personal chef/caterer who can work with you to accomplish these goals.  

Can I request a meal plan for a neighbor or friend?

ABSOLUTELY!!!  Sending a meal plan is ideal for new babies, friends moving into a new home, death in the family and just because.  Simply order anytime Tuesday through Friday the week prior to that Sunday delivery.  Local service only.  Please arrange for someone to be available for receipt of delivery.  

Where is food prepared?

Great question!  Food is prepared in a state regulated/inspected commercial kitchen at 35 Manchester Street in Derry, NH.  Food is prepared by a Certified Personal Chef who is servesafe certified and follows all handling, preparation and delivery requirements to keep food ~ and your family ~ safe.  

Can I feed your meals to picky eaters?

Why not?  Sometimes new food is exactly what picky peeps need to expand their limited pallets.  My niece, Maddy, has to have a (decent sized) "no thank you" bite for each meal.  This way, she tries the food and has the right to keep eating or change it up for something else.  When that happens, have something on hand to feed your picky eater and enjoy their portion for lunch tomorrow.  

Can your meals be frozen?

Yes!  Most of the meals in the meal plan can be frozen.  Transfer the cold/cooled meal to a freezer safe container or bag and place in your freezer.  Best consumed within 3 months for optimal freshness and flavor.  

What if I don't want delivery to/inside my home?

That's totally understandable!  And we respect that.   We can arrange delivery to the outside of your home (a cooler with freezer packs) or you can pick up your meal plan at the commercial kitchen:

Creative Chef Kitchen

35 Manchester Street

Derry, NH 03038

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