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Come Home To Comfort...

Doors Locked; Fridge Loaded is dedicated to helping busy families gain back quality time by preparing and delivering ready to heat and eat meals, lunches and desserts.  

My Story

Hi.  My name is Jenn Bongiorno.  I'm a quilter, a hiker, a baker, a certified personal chef, a culinary instructor, a dog mom and an Auntie! 


When my first niece, Madelyn, was born, I was blessed to be her caretaker for the first few years of her life.  Like many, my brother and sister in law worked all day and came home to suck up every sweet moment they could with their new bundle of joy.  Also like most, they were tired and hungry and justifiably so!!

I figured out a way to help.  I started preparing meals for them to come home to and enjoy and just have one less thing to stand in their way of making memories.  As I left for the day, I would always drive home with a warm feeling in my heart because they were eating good food, had minimal clean up and were getting to enjoy more quality time with their precious Maddy.  And that made me feel WONDERFUL!!!

Fast forward a few years and I have created a meal preparation and delivery service, specifically designed to help busy families gain back some of THEIR quality time together. 

And, voila, Doors Locked; Fridge Loaded is HERE.   


Jennifer Bongiorno, Owner/Chef


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